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The chart of the December Solstice suggests that it’s time to gather resources and build new structures (physical and mental) over the next 3 months. The next month or so will see a gradual ramping up of energy and freeing up of resources for various projects so we can go full-speed ahead at the end of January.

But all those resources and energy could be scattered, become either useless or misused if we don’t direct it through intelligent foresight and careful attention. Spending some quiet time planning and strengthening our foundations now will pay off during the rapidly shifting events of 2023.

(And please note that “rapidly shifting” does not mean “bad and horrible things are going to happen”. Don’t fall victim to fear. Don’t direct your mental and emotional energy towards projecting worst-case scenarios. Yes, it can be difficult, because to some degree, we’re wired that way. We anticipate danger and are suspicious of change. That’s why so much magical/spiritual training involves inner re-wiring. Pay attention to where your thoughts go.)

In my last New Moon post I discussed the importance of seeking/creating/refining a vision of the future we want to live in, and doing visionary work within magical, ritual, sacred spaces to help set the resonance of our vision into our personal energy field.
I hope you have given some thought to your vision (if not, it’s not too late!), because it’s time to start creating it, to whatever degree is currently possible.

The solstices are always an inception point. Here in the northern hemisphere, the Winter Solstice brings a re-dedication to life on Earth, where we are held within the embrace of time, space, and the four Elements. This year, we have even more initiatory, “let’s get started” energy in the solstice chart, but you may want to spend a few weeks planning and maybe trying some things out before you take any irrevocable actions.

Why? Well, there are these retrograde planets…

Give me a few paragraphs to explain the astrology for those of you who are interested (if not, skip past the italics), and then I’ll look more closely at the timing and what we can expect over the next few months.

(Astrologers: Cast the chart for December 21, 2022, 4:48 PM EST. I cast for Washington, DC because that makes the angles and houses predictive for the entire USA. A solstice or equinox chart — a.k.a. Cardinal Ingress chart — is useful for insight and prediction over the next 3 months or so.

This chart is dominated by Saturn. It is the final dispositor of the chart using traditional rulerships. While there is a 4-planet Capricorn stellium, Saturn itself is in its other home sign of Aquarius which will shake things up.

Saturn in the Earth sign of Capricorn creates the structures — literal, social, and governmental — that support civilizations. It builds on ancestral knowledge and wisdom. Saturn in the Air sign of Aquarius creates structures of ideas that can improve the world. And if it has to tear down what it built in service of evolutionary imperatives? Then it will efficiently tear down what needs to go and rebuild on a better blueprint.

Other things to note: Uranus tightly aspects the Sun-Jupiter square by semi-square and sesquiquadrate. It is also in a very close trine to Venus and a wider, but still close, trine to Mercury, suggesting interesting changes, breakthroughs, and even revolutions in finance, communications, art and culture, and (hopefully) women’s rights A retrograde Mars in Gemini opposed by the Moon will be reflected in hot words, emotional upheavals, and probably continuing outbreaks of violence — personal, social, and environmental/geological.

These outbreaks will also be fueled by the Sun-Jupiter square at the Aries Point.

Mercury is in a wide conjunction with Venus and Pluto from their midpoint — this crew is working together. Also note the Mercury-Neptune sextile.

The final point is the three retrogrades — Mercury, Mars, and Uranus — all of which will go direct between January 12th and January 20th.)

“Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach.” ~ Clarissa Pinkola-Estes

The next few months will bring a focus on practical matters. For individuals, this could involve organizing and streamlining the basic structures of our lives — making needed repairs, getting rid of clutter, updating budgets, making changes to the home environment that help support daily routines within the household.

In community and work milieus, we’ll get to observe and consider how social hierarchies work — or not. Watch the power plays that are unfolding around you, and consider carefully how or if you want to engage.

The only power that matters is the power that comes from within — from our connection to our soul, to spirit, and to the Earth and stars. When you take action, take it from within that place of power and not in reaction to external pressure.

The astrology of the upcoming decades demands that we learn how to work together for the good of all. These lessons are not just for corporate boardrooms, union meetings, or the workings (machinations?) of a (hopefully) representative government. The grassroots of a society is where real change begins. You can help by watering that grass.

Who is suffering in your community? Who needs to be held accountable? What needs to change? Pay attention. Don’t sleepwalk through these changing times, or you will be rudely awakened. Help others where you can. Ask for help when you need it. Find your communities, and support them.

Words may become arrows that go right to the heart of a person or a situation. They may harm, even devastate — painful truths will need to be spoken. They may also offer insight and inspiration. Watch your words, especially over the next month or so.

Speak your truth and listen to others with as much empathy and kindness as you can muster.

Thoughts of revenge are simply a distraction, and we need to put all our focus and energy towards managing the rapid changes that are happening in the world.

Watch the Timing

This is a creative period, when you can take steps to bring a vision into reality. But one caveat about timing — the month after the solstice will bring shifting energies and emotions, as various restrictions that may have been holding you back finally begin to gradually loosen their grip.

The urge to act, to do something, will be strong. But there may be unexpected obstacles and upheavals.

So if you feel like you are struggling to make something happen, stop struggling for a while. Take a step back and a deep breath. Review your plans and see how they might be improved. Pay careful attention to what’s going on around you and consider possible consequences. Then be ready to act later in January or early February.

As always, if you would like some specific insights into how the planetary patterns will be affecting you, contact me and we’ll set up a consultation.

Practical Magic

Many of us will be either drawn or pushed towards growth and expansion in the coming months, so you might find it helpful to direct your magical/spiritual practice towards setting the direction of that expansion.

If you followed my advice last month, you now have a reasonably clear vision of what you want your future to look like. This would be a good time to do (or get) some divination to determine the practicality of your plans. Take your plans to whatever deities or helping spirits you work with and ask for help and insight into what you need to do to manifest your vision.

Almost every magical tradition has ways of clearing obstacles and attracting opportunities. Knowing that growth and expansion will be unavoidable, do some magical work to clear a path in your chosen direction, and bring opportunities.

On the National Stage

(Astrologers: Note that the chart cast for Washington, DC has 0°56’ of Cancer on the Ascendant. I use equal houses. I also put this chart in a bi-wheel with the USA Sibly chart for additional insights.

Moon rules the chart’s ascendant from the 6th house, opposing Mars Rx. The Aries Point ascendant suggests important events and a marked new beginning for the country. Particularly given that it is squared by Jupiter, (ruling the MC in the 9th) and Sun sits on the descendant. Also note the Moon/Mars opposition stretches across the Ascendant/Descendant axis of the Sibly chart from the 6th and 12th houses.)

Unsurprisingly, we’ll see a continuation and intensification of philosophical, ethical, and religious conflicts in the political realm. But there are indications that the impasse is breaking up. The conspiracy theories and outright lies being spewed — often by elected officials — will be countered by a growing grassroots activism that challenges the failure of mainstream media to vigorously pursue and call out corruption.

That activism may be fueled by the current proliferation of Twitter alternatives, as the bird site loses more and more of its feathers. The current popular substitutes seem to understand the importance of appropriate, effective, non-partisan moderation focused on allowing free discussion while limiting the spread of lies and hate speech. But it will take a while before we have shifted to a primarily reality-based public discourse — I’m looking hopefully at 2026.

Large, earth-shaking events are likely. Could be natural/environmental, could be acts of war against infrastructure and/or business headquarters and/or seats of government. I am particularly concerned with violence against infrastructure that has far-reaching effects.

Worker’s rights will also continue to be in the news, and more strikes are likely. Hopefully, there will be contracts signed that give workers a living wage and appropriate leave. (Venus and Mercury trine Uranus)

2023 holds promise. I’ll be posting about the year ahead in the next week or so.

Blessings of the season to you,


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