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Sunrise through clouds over the ocean through clouds.

It’s time to leave Scorpio’s introspection and tendency to investigate all the dark corners of the mind and heart behind. (Useful though those investigations can be.) Now we take any wisdom we’ve gained and let the incoming Sagittarian energy help us test the usefulness of our recent deep insights out in the real world. And, given Sagittarius’ penchant for socializing, a round of holiday parties may well be the testing ground.

The last two eclipses (on October 23 and November 8) have brought some rough weather with them. If you’re ready for a break (and who isn’t?) this New Moon brings some possibilities for relief, even for fun and shared laughter.

But amidst the fun, keep in mind that Sagittarius also seeks truth and sacred knowledge. The upcoming weeks will challenge our belief systems and our ability to play well with others.

But before we get into how we can work with the current sky, here are the technical details. (Not interested? skip past the italics.)

(Astrologers: The chart I’m using is cast for November 23, 2022 5:57 PM EST, Washington, DC. using Equal Houses.

The stellium in Sagittarius is also a wide conjunction of the New Moon with a close conjunction of Mercury and Venus. The aspect is strengthened by the Moon’s translation of light.

So of course we look next to Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter, hanging out with Neptune in its other sign of rulership (Pisces) and literally within 5 minutes of turning direct, giving the planet even more power in this chart.

Don’t expect unicorns and rainbows from the somewhat wide but still powerful conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. These are both big, expansive planets that paint with a broad brush, and Pisces gives them the whole universe as their canvas. This aspect can bring inspiring visions, compassion and understanding as well as delusions of grandeur and deliberate deceit on a grand scale. Think as much in terms of tsunamis and meteors as lapping waves on beaches under the stars. Their sextile to Pluto suggests powerful support in the process of tearing down and/or expanding.

Mars is right on the Ascendant, squared by Neptune, trined by Saturn. This can be a difficult aspect. It reeks of cruelty driven by fear. But it also offers the rewards of a working, disciplined spirituality, and inspired artistic creation. Additionally, the USA’s Pluto return reaches its final exact conjunction on December 28th.)

Now, about those holiday parties…

Sagittarius is one of the most sociable signs of the Zodiac, and loves a good party. Connecting with others, sharing ideas and creative visions is the antidote to at least some of the angst so many of us have been experiencing. And it’s important that we take the time to relax, to socialize with others, to remember the fun, the humor, the love, the experiences that make life worth living.

Most of us, if asked, would agree that it would be nice to live in a world where we regularly encounter joy, a world where peace and justice are the norm instead of the exception. I believe that is possible, and, as crazy as things are right now, I believe we are heading in that direction.

But how quickly and easily we get there depends on choices that are being made every day on a group and individual level, and your individual choices count. It may feel like we are careening down a slope into social and environmental chaos, and yeah, some of that is unavoidable at this point. But we have the ability to change the trajectory if we work together.

The concept that we are all connected in a web of collective awareness is far from new, and modern communication technology is a fascinating but relatively shallow reflection of that ancient wisdom. Technology is a weak tea when compared to the invisible internet of shared awareness on mental and non-physical levels that we are all plugged into, though with differing levels of awareness.

We all influence each other to a greater or lesser degree, by our thoughts and emotions as well as our words and actions. Each one of us has a personal energy field that is always affecting and affected by the greater zeitgeist.

No matter how minuscule we may think our power is compared to, for instance, billionaire space cadets and the sociopathic dictators they support, each person’s contribution to the collective web makes a difference. And it can make a bigger difference if we consciously work to claim that power, and put it to work in service of our visions and ideals.

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. ~ Oscar Wilde

The work that calls us this month is seeking/creating/refining a vision. That’s always the first step towards changing the world. Hence my only slightly tongue-in-cheek insistence on the importance of holiday parties, because any vision that is worth manifesting will involve connecting with others in joy and laughter and just plain fun.

Yes, there is plenty of work involved in this process — work on ourselves and work in the world. But creating a vision takes more than hard work. Love, joy, wonder, beauty, creativity, and curiosity are what make life worth living, and we have to remember them, experience them, and hold them in our hearts to keep our dreams alive.

So as you are moving through this holiday season, pay attention to those experiences that contribute to your dream of a better world. Seek out connection and caring. Appreciate others. Give with joy and receive in the same spirit. Don’t just imagine the world you want — feel it, and let those feelings ring through the world like wild bells that set other bells ringing.

Sure, neither your problems or the world’s are going away. There will be challenging times and challenging emotions — anger, depression, resentment, fear. Some of those emotions will be yours, some will be broadcast by others. But a vision that you create and hold will act like a beacon to light a path for you through tough times and into a thriving future.

Those of you who are attuned to the transformative power of ritual will find that visionary work within magical, ritual spaces will help set the resonance of your vision into your personal aura and shift your outer circumstances. Try to find the time to engage in meaningful ritual with others, or alone at your altar.

And that’s how you can work with the astrology in the upcoming month.

As always, if you would like to know specifics of how the current astrology is affecting your personal natal chart, contact me and we’ll set up a consultation.

The National Outlook

Having knowledge of the current astrology is like being on a well-designed boat on the ocean. Even when the seas are rough, it helps us keep an even keel. But we need to watch out for all the other boats surrounding us (not to mention the submarines). Here’s a look at what we can expect to be happening around us here in the USA. (Astrology students: A mundane chart set for the capital of a country is predictive for the whole country.)

We’re already seeing a lot of energy directed towards workers’ rights and women’s right to bodily autonomy, and this will only increase over the next month. (New Moon/Sagittarius stellium in the 6th of the lunation chart.) In fact, I think it will increase through next year but I’ll get into the whys of that in another post. The hot take is that the workers are on the right side of history. So are the women.

Threats of violence, insane conspiracy theories and other weaponized words will be blowing up the news. But some will use their words more like a scalpel than a weapon. Like this. . (Mars Rx in Gemini, on the Ascendant, square Neptune, trine Saturn.) And those word surgeons will help bring at least some healing and justice to our deeply divided country by changing minds and opening hearts.

We are going to need medical healers as well. The public health situation is looking dicey this winter. I hope you will seriously consider consistently masking in public spaces.

I do have a lot of thoughts on the political situation — too many to go into here. I will probably elaborate on that in the upcoming posts about the Winter Solstice and/or the year ahead.

On the brighter side, there is a focus on art and spirituality that will inspire and heal. I suggest indulging any impulses you may have to participate in either of those fields. This is a fertile time for spiritual change. Keep your vision directed towards the future, and the light of the upcoming solstice.

Blessings of the season to you,

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