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I don’t usually write up the Full Moon charts, just the New Moon ones, but tomorrow’s Full Moon feels intense and consequential, so here’s a quick overview.

As the pattern of Thursday’s Full Moon unfolds over the next two weeks, be aware of any underlying hostility in people’s words and actions. Snark and sarcasm have their place, but not if someone’s punching down. Talking about others is inevitable and even helpful in certain situations, but negative gossip oozes toxins into the atmosphere. You don’t have to listen, don’t have to contribute, don’t have to get caught up in it. Walk away, or, if you can, shut it down. Be sure to keep your personal energy field clean and free of gunk in whatever way your spiritual/magical tradition uses. (Don’t have a tradition? Try this).

There’s a “get it done” vibe in this chart, so it’s important to communicate clearly and try not to trample on people’s feelings as you forge ahead to get where you want to go. Fortunately, there are some modulating aspects that will help us tune in to where others are at emotionally, which will help us avoid creating hurt and/or unnecessary drama.

Drama can be emotionally draining, but it can also be restorative if entered into with intention and creativity. Ritual is a type of drama. This is a good time to amp up or change around your daily spiritual practice with simple rituals that will engage you and help you stay connected and aware.

Don’t have a daily practice? Here’s one option: dust off/set up your altar, then every morning, light a candle and draw a Tarot or other divination card. Spend a few minutes meditating on it, and leave it where you’ll see it several times during the day. Check in with it again before bed and think about how it relates to the day’s experiences. Commit to this practice for two weeks. Consider how you feel about it at the upcoming New Moon on February 9th.

Sudden inspirations are likely, particularly around how to get things done, how to approach certain situations, especially ones that have been languishing. Pay attention to them! But fighting words and hurtful ideas are also in the air, so take a moment to consider if those inspirations might lead to unintended difficult outcomes before you release them into the world.

The concept of “tough love” can be problematic, because the tough is often emphasized over the love. But under this sky, you can get it right. Go ahead and set up appropriate boundaries, but think of them like a wattle fence or a semi-permeable membrane. Make sure love and empathy have space to get through.

Decisions made and actions taken now may have very long-term consequences. Choose your path with care.

Astronomical Imbolc falls on February 4th this year, as the Sun reaches 15° Aquarius, midway between the December solstice and March equinox. It’s a powerful point in the Zodiac. But whether you celebrate on the 4th or the traditional dates of February 1-2, or don’t celebrate at all, this is still a great time to do some magical/ritual work of cleansing, recomittment to what is important to you, and connecting with the source of your creative inspirations.

Astrologers will note that Pluto is still conjunct the Sun, and the Aquarius/Leo axis is not known for taking other people’s feelings into consideration. Neither is Pluto. Neither is Capricorn for that matter, and there’s not only a Mars-Mercury conjunction there, squared by Chiron in Aries, but Venus just entered the sign as well. This puts Saturn in rulership over 5 planets in the chart. It is also inconjunct Moon. Jupiter, too, is aligned with the lunation, by square from Taurus.

But don’t get discouraged. There’s some helpful stuff — quite a bit of it.

Saturn in Pisces is in mutual reception by exaltation with Venus. They are sextile each other. Saturn is sextile and disposited by Jupiter, and Venus is trine Jupiter. Uranus is trine the Mercury-Mars conjunction. Watch Moon as it moves along to conjunct the South Node and oppose Chiron, closely conjunct the North Node, on the 31st. Then, on the 6th, it conjuncts Ceres and enters Capricorn, where it will conjunct the planets in Capricorn and early Aquarius as it wanes.

This chart is also closely harnessed to the chart of the USA (Sibly). The lunation itself is conjunct the natal North Node – South Node axis. Lunation Jupiter is square both. The lunation chart’s ascendant is conjunct Sibly Uranus. Mercury and Mars are triggering the Sibly Sun-Saturn square, and Saturn is moving in to square Sibly Uranus. It will be educational to watch how this plays out over the next two weeks.

Blessings of the season to you,


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