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Art by Jody Bergsma

Art by Jody Bergsma

An insight the size of a mustard seed is powerful enough to bring down a mountain-sized illusion that may be holding our lives together. Truth strikes without mercy. We fear our intuitions because we fear the transformational power within our revelations.”
― Caroline Myss

This week features a powerful New Moon that predicts a month of upheaval and change. Keep in mind as you read this that my predictions in these posts are general — kind of like the weather report. Not everyone will react to weather in the same way. The kid who misses school and gets to go sledding with friends has a very different response to a bad snowstorm than the business person who can’t get to where they need to be for an important presentation. The relationship between the New Moon chart and your natal chart tells the tale for you specifically (and if you want to know what that is, contact me for a consultation), but here are some things we’ll all want to be aware of.

Truth and how we discern it, knowledge, and beliefs will be of primary importance in all our relationships and interactions this month. Epistemology is the word of the month. We’ll all be asking and fielding questions like: “Who can you/I trust?”, “How do you/I know that’s true?”, and “Why do you/I believe that?”. You can’t make wise choices if you can’t trust the sources of your knowledge and information. Look closely at those sources, because deceit, mis-direction, and misrepresentation will be rife.

You may find yourself relying on your intuition to guide you through some rough waters this month, and this is where the inner work, the meditation, contemplation, the time spent at your altar, all pay off. If you don’t use and refine your intuition on a daily basis, it won’t be the reliable guide you need during times like these. If you don’t have a regular practice, start one now! You can try drawing a Tarot card every morning. In the morning, intuit what the card has to tell you about the day ahead. In the evening, look back and see how the card reflected the day’s events. Journal about it. It won’t take long before you are getting useful, accurate information.

Social upheavals are likely this month, particularly in the arenas of business, finance, and (unsurprisingly) government. There will be efforts made to tear down establishment icons, and in the USA, our natural resources (e.g., the Native American sacred lands in North Dakota) will be the focus of much trouble and turmoil (though there are indicators of a negotiated outcome for #NoDAPL). The astrology also indicates possible flooding, earthquakes, and/or electrical outages throughout the country. If you are told to evacuate, don’t hesitate. Weather could get serious.

Here’s a paragraph for astrologers about this chart:
Cast the chart for November 29th at 7:19 am in Washington DC. That chart is predictive for the country, and the first thing to notice is that the angles are very close to the angles of the USA Sibly chart, so this is going to be an eventful month in the US. With Saturn and Mercury in the first house, conservative ideologies will be both revered and reviled — certainly the topic of much discussion. There are two T-squares in this chart — the Sun-Moon conjunction square to the Nodal axis and Neptune, and another round of the still-in-orb Uranus-Pluto square as Venus and Pluto square the Jupiter-Uranus opposition. Also note Mercury square the MC, which it rules, the mutual reception of Mars and Uranus, and Mars’ sextile to both Saturn and Uranus, which are trine each other. You can see why things are likely to get kind of wild, especially if you look at this chart as a bi-wheel with the Sibly chart (note the New Moon-Nodal axis-Neptune aspects to the USA natal Uranus).

One other interesting point about December is Mercury’s station retrograde on the 19th, oppose the USA Sun on the day the Electoral College meets to finalize the presidential election. This does not necessarily indicate that they will flip the vote to Clinton, but it does suggest revisiting previous decisions, serious communication problems, possible delays, and technical issues.

Now, here’s a day-by-day look at the week ahead:

Battles between business-as-usual and pioneering, aggressive change are likely the first half of the week. Monday, you may want to keep your cards close to your chest until Moon moves into Sagittarius around 3:45 pm (all times EST), since people will tend to be suspicious and emotionally cautious. Not a great time for sharing ideas. But Sagittarius brings a more optimistic, communicative outlook, along with a tendency to share one’s opinion with more force and certainty than is really justified, so do try to rein in your know-it-all tendencies, and try to be understanding but firm when others attempt to school you. Of course, you just might learn something new, even if it is annoyingly delivered.

This is the last night of the Dark Moon — a good time for doing some magical housecleaning, like refreshing your altar(s) and decommissioning old talismans/amulets/parchments that have passed their “use by” date.

Tuesday brings the New Moon at 7:19 a.m. What I wrote above about it applies for today as well as more generally to the month ahead. Personally, I prefer to do my magical work a couple of days after the New Moon, but the day of is a good time for looking at plans for the month ahead, doing some divination, and some planning.

Wednesday could bring fired-up egos, and confrontations with disinformation, scandal, and deceptive practices. It looks to be a kind of loud and jangly day. A solid meditation session in the morning, and staying very aware of your personal triggers will help. Give yourself whatever time-outs you need. Your best outcome will be found through taking a path of compassionate honesty.

Thursday, Moon enters solid and sensible Capricorn early morning, giving the day a more practical and business-like vibe than we had for the first part of the week. Today would be a good time to get the word out about whatever project you need to promote or publicize.

Friday looks like a day of power plays and clashing values. Mercury moves into Capricorn today for a two-month stay, as it will go retrograde in this sign on the 19th. This means we’ll find it easier to communicate practical concerns than emotional ones over the next two months, and, for that reason, it will be easier to unintentionally hurt people’s feelings. Make a point of tone-policing your communications — if you suspect you’re being too harsh, you probably are. On the other hand, this is an excellent time to nail down practical details. If you have some long-term business planning to do, plan now, revisit the plan during the retrograde, then move ahead in the second week of January with Mercury direct.

Saturday’s a good day for getting the holiday shopping/tree-trimming done (and please keep the environmental and social costs of your purchases in mind). Moon enters Aquarius at 2:45 p.m., bringing a more sociable atmosphere just in time for evening celebrations.

Sunday’s a good day for fun and adventure, storytelling and socializing. Enthusiasm and possible over-doing things will be hallmarks of the day, but try to get a good night’s sleep — next week is looking pretty busy!

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