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The month ahead brings Pisces’ oceanic influence to the forefront of our shared reality. If you’ve been feeling a sense of overwhelm and a need to reconnect with spiritual reality, the next few weeks will be a particularly good time to regain some sense of control, reconnect with your personal spiritual guidance, and reorient your direction in life.

But you’ll have to sail the ship — just drifting along is asking to blunder into less-than-ideal situations. I’ll take a look at how the current sky can help guide us to our goals, but first, a few paragraphs on the astrology for those who are interested. If that’s not you, skip over the italics.

(Astrologers: Cast the chart for March 10, 5:00 am EDT. [The switch to Daylight Time was 2 hours earlier.] Remember, angles and houses are specific to the location you use. Capitals of counties/states/countries will be predictive for their area.

All the planets, plus Chiron and the North Node, are tucked within four consecutive signs in the chart — from Pluto at 1° Aquarius through Uranus at 20° Taurus. This suggests an extraordinary concentration of energy in one sector of the chart. You’ll want to check what houses they inhabit in your own horoscope, and get ready to focus on those areas of life.

The New Moon itself is at 20° Pisces, conjunct Neptune, having left Saturn behind as it slowly rows through the Piscean ocean. This is a lot of Water. Expect it to manifest both literally (floods, water pollution, incidents in and on the oceans) and symbolically (tidal emotions, disillusionment, confusion, deception, incidents of sacrifice and blossoming compassion, and [we can hope] spiritual growth.)

Here’s the thing about Neptune — if it’s involving itself in your life, you’ll want to be sure to take the high road every time, because any other road is more than likely to lead to a trackless wasteland or delusional fantasy land. Watch for the synchronicities — they are road signs you need. Know your core values, make every effort to live by them, and you’ll find the right road ahead for you.

The only other aspect the New Moon makes is a tight sextile to Uranus, somewhat mediating the even tighter square of Mars to Uranus. We can expect a strong dose of Uranian surprises and upsets with Mars offering decisive action, and possible violence.

The other aspects to keep in mind are the close approaching sextile of Mercury [at the influential Aries Point] to Pluto, and conjunct Neptune. Mind power and mind changes. Confusing communications. Technology, travel, and trade.

Also, (and I’m using traditional rulerships here) don’t underestimate Saturn’s power in this chart. Yes, it’s not particularly strong in Pisces, but it rules the three planets in Aquarius — Pluto, Venus, and Mars.

And please don’t buy in to the “Saturn always brings bad news” pearl-clutching that seems so prevalent these days. Saturn can bring rewards as great as Jupiter’s — I’ve seen it happen many times. The difference is that Jupiter will generously and somewhat randomly bestow gifts while Saturn rewards only those who are willing to do the work and step into their responsibilities.

On the flip side, if you’re not paying attention, Jupiter will generously give you enough rope to hang yourself. If you’re not doing the work, Saturn will remind you of your responsibilities with an applied clue by four.

Finally, while the chart of the New Moon sets the stage for the month ahead, grab your ephemeris and watch how the play unfolds — paying special attention to sign changes, Mercury turning retrograde for a long stay in Aries, a lunar eclipse, and the Spring Equinox. All of this is happening before the next New Moon, which is an exceptionally influential solar eclipse.)

The Art of Mind Games

This is likely to be an uncomfortable month for hard-headed materialists. But if you have even the smallest sense of connection to a larger reality that stretches outside the boundaries of time and space, over the next few weeks you can expand that connection and bring some healing to your world.

This Pisces New Moon brings a deluge of creative energy, inspired action, sudden unexpected events, and breakthrough insights. We are all artists of our lives — we all have some creative agency. This is a great month to claim the power and discipline of the artist to create something new from a vision.

On a personal level, we may be feeling a lot of internal emotional pressure, mental confusion, and/or overwhelming thoughts. Working to sort through the pressure and confusion entails gaining control over knee-jerk, repetitive, self-sabotaging mental processes.

It can be painful and disruptive to deal with this upwelling of emotional energy, particularly if you are trying to do it alone. So talk with a friend, make an appointment with a therapist or counselor, and/or sit down at your altar and ask your spiritual guides or deities for help in working through those issues (and pay attention if they point the way to a therapist or counselor!)

Dedicated magicians know that the mind and emotions, put to work in a focused way, can alter the path of the future. Magicians, mystics, shamans, spiritual healers, and others who walk in the world of spirits have all put work into training their minds, learning to shift and direct their thoughts and emotional realities to connect with more expansive, extra-physical realities.

Some kind of mental training and techniques for self-questioning are taught in most magical and spiritual traditions. They bring empowerment and change. Doing this work requires the courage to face difficult thoughts and emotions and release the patterns that are holding those thoughts and emotions in place. It can also help us develop compassion for ourselves and others, which is an essential part of healing for us as individuals, and for our world. If you don’t follow any tradition and you’re not sure where to start, try Buddhist metta meditation.

The current astrology also encourages us to follow our creative impulses this month. Expertise, or even real competence, is not required. If you want to draw, draw. If you want to play music, play. If you want to cook, cook. Creativity brings a deeper connection to spirit and joy, even if you don’t share your creations with anyone else.

One more point I want to make before we turn to the national stage: You may find certain things you thought were solid in your life dissolving or being swept away.We are in a time of profound change, and we need to learn when to let go. Even when change is for the better, getting there can be challenging.

If the waves wash your sandcastle away, don’t go chasing the sand that it was made of. Move up the beach and rebuild. One thing that won’t ever wash away are your bedrock spiritual connections. That’s where to turn when the world around you seems confusing and unstable.

Given that the next New Moon will be a major eclipse on April 9th, this chart is building up to a somewhat turbulent Spring. If you commit to focusing on increasing self-awareness, mental discipline, and compassion, you’ll find a path through to solid ground.

As always if you’d like to know how the current sky will be reflected in your life, contact me, and we’ll set up a consultation.

War and Peace: On the National Stage

( Astrologers, I’ve cast the chart for Washington, DC, and I’m also looking at it in a bi-wheel with the USA Sibly chart. I use Equal Houses.

Of particular note: The New Moon (NM) itself falls in the second house of the event chart, along with Saturn and Venus. Pluto in Aquarius is rising into a late Capricorn Ascendant — more Saturn empowerment in addition to what I mentioned above. The NM ascendant is conjunct USA Pluto, which lives in the USA 2nd.

NM Uranus on the NM IC, NM Mercury at the powerful and public Aries Point on the USA IC. NM is tightly square USA Mars. NM Saturn squares the USA ascendant. The New Moon itself opposes USA Neptune, and the NM South Node conjuncts USA Saturn, ruling the USA 2nd and 3rd.

NM Venus and Mars are both conjunct the USA Moon, Venus just separating, Mars perfecting on the 19th. Remember that both the Moon and the ascendant in a country’s chart signifies the people of that country, the citizenry.)

It looks like there will be some major financial activity happening, probably tied in some way to news from the tech, trade, and transportation sectors (breakthroughs or breakdowns), major political moves, and/or environmental upheavals.There’s a lot of instability in this chart and that rarely makes the markets happy, but major tech or scientific breakthroughs do, and those look likely as well.

Our ongoing cultural conflicts will continue to heat up, as will the several foreign conflicts we are involved in, but there are some hopeful indicators of peace and negotiation. You can help influence the situation through prayer, meditation, magick, working in community — whatever you’re guided to. The key is to do something.

There’s a signature in this chart that can indicate rapid change, sudden, decisive action, and even violence. Stay aware of your surroundings, and if you don’t have any regular spells/prayers/workings for personal protection, this might be a good time to start.

Deepfakes and other methods of twisting and influencing public perception of reality will ignite scandals, but there will also be some awakening to just how problematic these methods are. (Mercury can be tricky, but in Aries he tends to be more straightforward and willing to fight for truth. And he’s going to be in Aries through mid-May.) Curate your news sources carefully, and call fakery out when you see it.

And in the midst of all the crazy, remember that we are in the midst of a profound era of change in human history. It’s not going to be a walk in the park, but there are tremendous opportunities for spiritual growth, community-building, and helping to shape the future of humanity. We all have a contribution we can make towards creating a better world.

I’ll leave you with this bit of inspiration:

“You do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where it is all going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith and hope.” ~ Thomas Merton

Blessings of the springtime season to you!

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