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With the New Moon and a whole bunch of other planets hanging out in Gemini, we’ll have multiple opportunities this month to expand our perceptions, make significant connections with other beings, and gain information that is useful for us in multiple ways (Gemini is all about multiples.)

On a practical level, we’ll want to find better ways of managing all the facts and figures and life’s little details that we must juggle in a culture whose level of complexity and connectivity is unmatched in human history. If you’ve been putting off upgrading your computer, learning new technology, or improving how you and your family keep track of schedules and household duties, this is the month to make things like that happen.

On an intellectual level, it’s a great month to set some time aside to research and read about things that intrigue you. Cultivating a curious mind keeps life interesting and leads to people and events that enrich our lives. And you may find you want to pursue several different interests. That’s fine. That’s Gemini!

Relationships can be healed and deepened by clearer, more conscious communication, or they can be irretrievably harmed by words that can’t be unsaid. It will be easy to blurt out things you will regret later, either due to thoughtlessness or internal emotional pressures. Cultivating empathy will help avoid foot-in-mouth problems, and also make it easier to forgive any hurtful words that may be thrown your way.

Spiritually we’ll have opportunities to consider the usefulness of the philosophies and beliefs by which we live our lives. Look for information and guidance that shows the way to an expanded perspective on life and make it easier to create the future we envision.

I’ll go into more detail below, but first a few paragraphs of technical details for the astrologers. If that’s not you, skip past the italics

(Astrologers: Cast the chart for June 6, 2024, 8:38 AM EDT. Remember the angles and houses are location-specific. Using Washington, DC will give you a chart that is predictive for the USA.

The last New Moon gave us a stellium in Taurus. This month, we have a stellium in Gemini. Venus is closely conjunct the New Moon at 16° Gemini, while Mercury and Jupiter are hanging out together in the first decan of the sign.

Jupiter conjunct and in Mercury’s home sign suggests that Mercury’s ideas and plans will be blown up larger than life, which can be amusing at best, and dangerous at worst. Especially since they are both well within orb of a separating trine to Pluto. Watch for those areas of life that are Mercury’s [communication, transportation, trade, technology, AI, etc.] to be tangled up with Jupiter’s [law, philosophy, religion, etc.] in ways that have profound impacts.

[And, as an aside, when dealing with normally benefic planets and aspects in mundane astrology, the question to ask is “who benefits?”. Trines and sextiles represent an easy flow of energy, but the energy can be flowing in a direction that some or most of us would find problematic. Also, astrology is not just for humans, but all life on Earth. ]

The NM and Venus are squared by Saturn in Pisces, and in a tight sesqui-quadrate aspect with Pluto, which is the main reason I am less than thrilled by this New Moon. Saturn and Pluto together are intense, and add a lot of pressure to this chart. Think diamond-creating levels of pressure.

Mars, still in its own sign, is heading into its opening square with Pluto. Mars enters Taurus on June 9th, and the aspect reaches partile on June 11. This is a volcanic, cathartic, passionate, ruthless, and often violent combination. Handle with care. )

Have you ever sat down and really thought about the amount of information that flows through your life on a daily basis? If you start paying attention to that flow, it’s really astonishing what we are capable of processing — conversations, symbols, sounds, instructions, news, social media and so much more.

But the human brain and body have limits, and the planetary patterns are suggesting that we might want to look for and honor our limits when it comes to information overload. Being bombarded with too much information can lead to anxiety, mental and emotional shutdowns, and distraction from what is real and important in our lives.

There’s no question that information is crucial to how we live our lives. But we don’t have to blindly accept every bit of information that is thrown at us.

This month, work on pruning, curating, and organizing the information flow in your life (note the NM square Saturn and Mercury squaring it a few days later). Find ways of streamlining and funneling the information you need into containers you can easily access when you need that info. The containers can be anything from document folders on your computer to the decorative bowl by the door where you put your keys every single time you walk in so you always know where they are without having to stress about it.

There are lots of practical things you can do to tame the firehose of information. A few examples:

  • Automate everything you can, like bill payments
  • Tame the email — unsubscribe from email lists that aren’t useful to you, learn how to filter and automatically file incoming email (essentially all major email clients let you do this). Remember it’s not just about saving time. Of course you can use the search function. But the human mind likes patterns and responds to organization by working more efficiently.
  • Unfollow people on social media who clutter up your feed with a lot of blahblahblah and drama, and set time limits on your scrolling

Controlling information overload involves controlling our own minds. Prioritize your mental health. Take steps to eliminate things from your life that negatively affect your mind. Work on becoming more aware of your own thought patterns and learning to shift the difficult ones into more productive paths.

There are a number of ways of doing this. Meditation of one sort or another helps. So does journaling, or talking with an interested friend.. And if you are dealing with intractable anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues, then reach out for help to family, friends and/or a therapist. Do it now.

Don’t overlook assistance from gods and spirits. Connecting with the Divine, however you define it, helps put our lives in perspective and can set helpful patterns in motion.

Spend time in nature, in silence. Ground yourself and seek experience of the larger reality that exists beyond the reach of our rational minds.
(Note that Jupiter is working in Mercury’s field right now, and although the big guy struggles a bit in Gemini, he’ll still be looking for the bigger picture, for the patterns, and what all that information really means. The trine from Pluto empowers his efforts and adds an explosive component to whatever is going on.)

Here are some things that will flow more easily than usual in the month ahead and some things to avoid:.

  • Gossip will flourish. Don’t get sucked in, and especially avoid being judgmental about anything you do hear if you don’t have all the facts (and you almost certainly don’t).
  • Minds will be more open than usual to both authentic visions and serious delusions. Cherish the visions, be careful not to get caught up in delusions. Some of them might be very persuasive.
  • Diversity will come up again and again as an issue we have to work on. Pluto’s 20+ year stint in Aquarius means that we humans must learn to work together, and the only way we can do that is by respecting each other in all our diverse manifestations. The five planets in Gemini are helping to deliver that message this month.

Remember Pigpen in the Peanuts comic strip, with the inescapable cloud of dust around him? Free-floating anxiety in the zeitgeist will be a bit like that cloud of dust, so you’ll want to do plenty of energetic cleansing and grounding. At least then you’ll know any anxiety you feel is your very own and yours to deal with, not something you picked up from others.


Squirrel! Distractions and people’s willingness to chase after each one will be in overdrive this month. A good way to help deal with this for yourself is to evaluate your daily routine. We all have some routines — whether they help or hinder us is the question to ask. Does your routine help keep you focused? Is it allowing you to stagnate or helping you be more creative? Is it too rigid, or too flexible? Overall, are you getting done what you want to get done? If not, change your routines. As for the people around you who are running off in all directions and unable to focus, you can try to rein them in, but “Not my circus, not my monkeys” is a good mantra for the month ahead.

As always, if you’d like to know more about how the current planetary patterns are likely to play out in your life, contact me, and we’ll set up a consultation.

And if you enjoy these scribblings of mine, donations to support my writing time are always appreciated. There’s a donate button on the top right of this page.

On the National Stage

Warning! Astrology jargon ahead. I’m in a time crunch, so I’m just going to give a quick astrological overview here.

I’m looking at both the New Moon (NM) chart cast for Washington, DC and that chart in a bi-wheel with the Sibly natal chart for the USA. I use Equal Houses.

The ascendant degree of the NM chart is conjunct Sibly Mercury, emphasizing the already emphatic statement in the NM chart about all Mercury-related fields — transportation, communication, technology, trade, media, the internet, neighboring nations.

The NM itself falls in the event chart 11th, Sibly 7th. The 11th signifies Congress, and friends of the country, the 7th has to do with foreign affairs/countries, and also can indicate conflict among the citizens of the country.

One thing to keep a watch for is Jupiter conjunct the Sibly Uranus on June 30th.

The Summer Solstice falls on June 20th, and the chart is an important one, so I’ll try to write something up for it before then.

Blessings of the season to you.


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