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The New Moon opens a gateway into Pisces oceanic realm, reminding us of the vastness and infinite depths of Consciousness that spawned our physical world.

Try to keep an open mind as some important planetary shifts will bring waves of change. There will be endings (some more definitive than others), and beginnings that may lack a clear plan, seem overwhelming, or be challenged by unavoidable external events. Situations large and small will require adjustments in our mindsets and there won’t be a lot of time for contemplation in the moment.

I’ll give a couple of paragraphs to the astrology (if you’re not interested, skip past the italics) then explain what it all means in plain English. I’ll also take a look at what we’re likely to see in the national news.

(Astrologers: Cast the New Moon chart for February 20, 2:06 A.M. EST. I set it for Washington, DC using Equal Houses.

Then grab your ephemeris and note the sign changes in the month ahead. Venus moves into Aries within an hour of the New Moon, then into her home sign of Taurus, mid-March. Saturn is diving into Pisces for the next 3 years, then, after the Aries New Moon, Pluto enters Aquarius, and Mars finally leaves Gemini. [More about those two next month.]

The chart features the New Moon at 1°22’ of Pisces, snuggled up with Saturn almost at the last degree of Aquarius. The 29th degree of any sign is given a special designation in astrology — the anaretic degree — because it is particularly potent and a gateway to change. There’s also a last chance to clean up what’s being left behind. In this chart, note that we also have Venus and Pluto at the anaretic degree of Pisces and Capricorn, respectively, and sextile each other. Clean up time.

The Sun is in a sign square to Mars, which will build over the next two weeks and perfect at 25° mid-March.

Note, too, that Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, and Venus is exalted in Pisces. And while the outer planets don’t have exaltations, I think we can agree, after the last 14+ years, that Pluto kicks ass in Capricorn. So that’s three powerful planets, powerfully placed, ready to trigger change.

Speaking of ass-kicking, Mercury, happily ensconced in Aquarius, trines and rules Mars in Gemini, squares Uranus, and is closely sextile Chiron in Aries.

Keep a weather eye on all things related to Venus, because she disposits and is in a close semi-square to Uranus, and sextiles Pluto. Art, interpersonal relationships, money, diplomacy, and women’s issues are all part of her domain. In Pisces she emphasizes empathy and compassion. She moves into Aries within an hour of the New Moon, where she puts on her Wonder Woman persona and joins Mars in clearing a path ahead.)

This is a great month to open our minds to new ideas. Particularly, new ways of structuring our lives that support spirituality and hone intuition. Some variety of a reasonably regular practice is important. That practice can be anything from a few minutes sitting and checking in with your own mind and emotions to full-on rituals.

(And keep in mind that if your rituals are feeling rote and stilted and aren’t shifting things for you and/or bringing you joy, this is a good month to spend some time quietly examining your life and choices. Then maybe change up your rituals until your ritual actions feel meaningful again.)

If you find yourself in a stuck place, seek out at least one different perspective on the situation. It may be that things are moving around you faster than you realize and you need to explore what’s possible, which can include exploring new options in community and small groups. Be willing to change direction and go around, over, or under if you can’t go through whatever is blocking your road ahead.

Obviously, this is a good time for road-opening and path-clearing magick, meditations, or prayers, but you’ll want to establish an anchor as well.

The Importance of Anchors

When life is in flux and every day brings more changes, it helps to have a way to anchor yourself to what’s important in your life. Physical anchors can help with this — most of us, for instance, feel our home is an anchor in our lives. Others may feel anchored where they work, or to a specific place in Nature. Family and friends can also be anchors.

But when we are living with uncertainty and change, we may need to pull up anchor and move on. The only anchors that can’t be taken from us are the ones that are part of us. They’re the only ones we can raise and carry with us to our next destination, whether we get there deliberately or are carried along by winds and tides.

Physically, we can anchor our body to the body of the Earth, no matter where we find ourselves, by working with subtle energies. There are grounding practices that we can learn through yoga, tai chi, or various magical techniques.

We also need to be anchored to our ethical stances and spiritual beliefs so we live them instead of just spouting off about them. If those stances and beliefs aren’t based in a lived experience of Spirit, of the creative Consciousness that manifests as physical reality, then they are not authentic. The authenticity comes from internal awareness and connection with larger consciousnesses than our own — a Higher/Greater Self, Holy Guardian Angel, deities, ancestors, and/or various other helping spirits.

Check in with your various anchors this month. Start with the physical. What places/things connect you to the solid foundations of your life? What/who can you count on to be there for you? Where do you know you can go when life seems overwhelming? Evaluate them, then strengthen the ones that are important to you, and release those that are weighing you down, keeping you tied where you don’t want to be.

Then check in with your spiritual life, because that is not just an anchor, but a compass. Spiritual/magical practices are the wheelhouse. That’s where you steer your life and keep your spiritual connections strong.

This month will demand both flexibility and strength of purpose from us. That’s a challenging combination to get right. Think carefully about where and when you might bend, or step aside, and where and when you need to take a stand.

If you are in a position of leadership, no matter how minor, brush up on your communication skills. Remember that relationships make the world go ‘round, and a combination of empathy and good communication makes for healthy relationships. It takes courage to go against the tide, to stand up for what you know is right. Be courageous. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

We are in an era of profound, far-reaching change. Our world desperately needs people with wisdom, clarity of vision, and determination as we seek and establish a new way of living on this planet. What you do and how you live your life matters.

As always, if you would like to know how you can work with the current astrology in your personal life, contact me, and we’ll set up a consultation.

On the National Stage

(Astrologers: Cast the New Moon chart for Washington, DC. I use the Sibly chart with Equal Houses for the USA natal chart. Note that the angles of the New Moon chart in WDC are almost identical to the natal chart. Mars is not only conjunct the Descendant, but right at the natal Mars/Uranus midpoint. The New Moon is in the third house, Venus closely conjunct the natal IC with Neptune approaching [Neptune to the IC won’t become exact until Spring of 2025].

The Ascendant and the New Moon are both ruled by Jupiter, disposited by Mars. Mars is out-of-bounds, trine and disposited by Mercury. While trine and sextile aspects tend to be benefic, an easy flow of energy, in mundane astrology you have to ask who benefits. Which way is the energy flowing? Also note the New Moon’s trine to natal Venus and Jupiter.)

We are walking on a knife edge of conflict and possible violence this month, but there are some mitigating factors. Leaders in government and business will face challenges that require the wisdom of Solomon — and that wisdom may be available to them if they can muster enough humility to listen to their advisors and followers before taking action.

We’ll see upsets and changes in communications, technology, and transportation; cutthroat competition and/or innovative changes in the world of business; words as weapons or as tools that can clear a path or cut out infections. (Remember, “upsets and changes” are not necessarily bad).

I expect to see significant changes in the USA/Ukraine relationship, and probably USA/China as well. The current scandals over train safety and environmental degradation will expand. Political conflict is a given, but the astrology suggests that influential voices of reason will be speaking up.

This New Moon also highlights the spiritual, so we’ll likely be looking at wide-ranging discussions of spiritual paths, as well as aggressive promotions of spirituality. Issues of leadership will also be spotlighted. (Jupiter in Aries ruling the NM, itself ruled by Mars in Gemini on the Dsc.).

As I write this, we’re told Jimmy Carter is entering hospice care. Former US president, naval officer, and Christian exemplar, he leaves an enduring legacy. I’ll leave you with a pertinent quote to ponder.

“High moral and ethical standards are essential, and they don’t change from one job to another, or from one level of authority to another. Honesty, truthfulness, integrity, unselfishness—these are always there. And whenever a leader violates these basic principles, through arrogance or through ignorance, there’s a derogation of duty.” ~ Jimmy Carter

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