Our lives are not pre-determined — by astrology or anything else. Life is an ever-expanding creative endeavor, a soul’s journey into time and space, and your birth chart is the itinerary of your soul. My job as your astrologer is to help you take a close look at this itinerary to determine if you are where you want to be or if you have gotten off track, and if so, how to get back in with the scheduled tour.

One of the most important points in an astrology chart is the Ascendant, or “rising sign”. It is the degree of the Zodiac which was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment and place of your birth, and it is determined by the precise time of your birth. Unfortunately, the time given for a birth, even on a birth certificate, is often far from precise, and this lack of precision can make a fairly large difference in the aspects of a chart, particularly with certain techniques of prediction, where a few minutes difference in the time of birth can make a year’s difference in a prediction.

There is a way of honing in on the correct time for a birth, a process astrologers call “rectification”. By using dates of past events of importance, we check the accuracy of the Ascendant. Once that is done, we are working with a chart that has proven itself, and can make accurate interpretations and predictions. The process is somewhat involved and time consuming, but there’s no point in working with an inaccurate chart, and so I do this for every client. Which means our first consultation will involve some preparation on your part — I’ll ask you to send me a list of important, pivotal, and/or emotionally-charged events in your life so I can check the accuracy of your birth time. If you don’t know your time of birth at all, not even the general time of day, I can use this and other techniques to delineate your chart.

Our initial consultation will begin with a look at the forces that shaped you – the talents, strengths and challenges you were born with, and the blessings, obstacles and dilemmas of the environment you were born into. We’ll look at how you tend to act and respond both to others and to events, and then evaluate ways of shifting ingrained thought and behavior patterns so that you are playing to your strengths. We’ll also look closely at any re-incarnational dramas that are in play in this lifetime.

Once we’ve established the foundation, we will look ahead and ascertain how the upcoming astrological “weather” relates to your plans and dreams. We’ll discuss options, strategies and appropriate timing for the unfolding of your future as you envision it.

I am a gifted intuitive as well as an experienced and knowledgeable astrologer. I use my intuitive skills in astrology consultations, and sometimes use Tarot cards within a consultation to give further insight into specific issues. I also offer Tarot readings separately by phone.

Our first astrology appointment will always be a full natal chart reading, which includes a copy of your chart, a recording of our consultation, and a plan to help you move ahead toward your goals. That plan will have a specific focus on spiritual/magical work to strengthen the actions you take.

Please contact me to set up an appointment for your consultation. Once we have arranged a time, you can submit payment by PayPal or personal check. Payment must be received prior to the appointment. A listing of fees and descriptions of the various consultation types can be found here.

I also offer a computerized transit and progression report for a full year, based on your individual natal chart. More information on that here

Diotima’s reading was focused both on the issues that are of greatest immediate concern to me and on the bigger picture issues that i need to see but of which I was not necessarily aware. She gave me confirmation on certain important directions that I am taking and, most importantly, has given me good insights for how to best focus my inner work for the next year or two. This, to me, is one of the most valuable aspects of astrology. You could spend a lot of time with a counselor identifying which issues you need to address, but a good astrological reading can alert you to the major issues and then you can spend that time and energy actually addressing them. I cannot recommend Diotima highly enough.
˜ Gwendolyn Reece, Washington, DC
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