Astrological Reports

I’ve always been of two minds about computerized astrology reports, because they generally are — at best — like supermarket reading glasses compared to prescription glasses that are tailored to your eyes. At worst, these reports are like wearing someone else’s glasses.

But I’ve come to realize that — like supermarket reading glasses — the best of these computerized reports can be very helpful. They are a good introduction for those who want to know more about astrology before they spend money on a full natal reading, and give some solid information to those who want to work with their charts on their own.

The Natal Report

I always thought these reports should come with a list of caveats though, because too many people read them and end up confused ("My Moon says I’m emotionally detached but my Venus says I’m the queen of empathy! Which is it?") or just plain old scared ("I read that I’ve got bad aspects for children! Oh, no!"). So I started writing that list, and it turned into a little booklet called "How to Read Your Own Astrology Chart". I’ve bundled it with an excellent computerized natal report (interpretation of your birth horoscope)so you can dive into your own chart right away.

In the booklet (it’s a pdf), you’ll learn just enough astrology to work with your chart as a tool for personal and spiritual growth, and to gain some insight into the people you interact with. Astrology can be complex, yes, but you don’t need to know a lot to work with your chart, and it offers tremendous return for a small investment of time and effort. Learning a little astrology will also help you better understand how the current transits are affecting you personally.

The cost of the natal report/booklet bundle is $50. The booklet is 36 pages, and the natal report is 30+ pages, personalized for your specific time and place of birth. If you don’t know what time you were born, I’ll use a sunrise chart. (But try to get the exact time if you can.)

Purchase it using the button below (don’t forget to fill out your birth information!). I’ll have the report to you in 48 hours.

Date, Time, Place of birth

SkyLog Transit and Progressions Report

I also offer a customized transit and progression report called SkyLog. Your SkyLog report is prepared for your specific birth date and time, and the delineations are written by Steven Forrest, a well-known astrologer whose work I respect.

For $35, you get a year of transits and progressions, divided into three sections — The Invitation (the broad perspective — major transits and progressed aspects), The Means (secondary supporting or challenging factors) and The Details (monthly and daily aspects). Each of these sections is organized chronologically rather than by planet, which makes the report easy to use, and it’s all relatively jargon-free. The length of the report varies, depending on the aspects your chart is currently receiving, but is usually between 30 and 80 pages. It is emailed to you as a pdf.

Purchase it using this button, and don’t forget to fill out your birth information. I’ll have your report to you within 48 hours.

Date, Time, Place of birth

Would you like both reports? Purchase them together for $70

Date, Time, Place of birth


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