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The Virgo New Moon on September 6th makes the upcoming month a great time to handle all the stuff we’ve been putting off. If it needs to get done, put it on a list, then start checking the list off. It can be a very productive month.

It’s also a fine time to evaluate your habits — the actions you take almost automatically on a regular basis — and make needed changes.

There are, of course, some caveats, some things to avoid, some things to seek out. Give me a few paragraphs for the astrologers, then we’ll look at what those are. Feel free to skip over anything in italics.

(Astrologers: Cast the chart for September 6, 8:52 pm EDT, Washington, DC. I’m using Equal Houses. Remember the angles and houses in this chart apply only to the USA.

The New Moon is at 14° Virgo in an exact trine to Uranus in Taurus (put a pin in this and add it to my thoughts on the pandemic below), approaching a conjunction to Mars which is itself trine Pluto and oppose Neptune.

Venus, just past a square to Pluto and opposition to Eris, trine Jupiter, is strong in its own sign of Libra, intent on demonstrating the power of both diplomacy and art.

[Keep in mind that squares are not “bad”. They bring action, they bring change, and yes, they bring conflict. But the key is how the conflict is resolved. Likewise, oppositions bring confrontations and stand-offs, but also the proverbial attraction of opposites, and the ability to find the balance point between two extremes. Trines and sextiles bring an easy flow of energy that can ease the way, but also create ruts, because ruts are easy. Additionally, when considering mundane astrology, the question must be for whom and in which direction that easy energy is flowing.]

Some thoughts on the pandemic and the vaccination resistance this month.

I’ve been paying more attention to Eris lately, and there is a yod, with Mars as the focus, and Jupiter and Eris in sextile. With the chart cast for the USA, note that Mars is in the 6th, rules the AS, Jupiter rules the 12th, and Eris is rising. Mercury ruling the NM/Mars is in and ruling the 6th. It’s in Libra, an Air sign, opposing Chiron, trining Saturn in Aquarius. Jupiter is also in Aquarius, another Air sign. The NM/Mars grouping in Virgo (Earth) opposes Neptune in Pisces, arguably one of the drivers of the craziness that is overwhelming hospitals and health care workers in states that have low vaccination rates and high rates of people eating horse wormer.

So I’m thinking we may see a turn to a more rational (Air) and practical (Earth) approach to the pandemic nationally this month that will lead to greater acceptance of the vaccine, and fewer calls to poison control centers about Ivermectin. Though perhaps I am being too hopeful.

Also note that Jupiter rules the 9th, and Venus is in and ruling the 7th. Along with Mercury’s presence in Libra, this makes me optimistic about peaceful solutions to at least some of our foreign policy issues in the USA.)

Obstacles and Opportunities

Excellence is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.” ~ Aristotle

Virgo always strives for excellence, and this New Moon gives us a head start on any project we want to take on, and help making some needed changes. But the projects should make a real difference, and the changes won’t be superficial. We need to go deep this month.

We are in times of tremendous change, and the changes will be getting only more extreme. Our climate is in crisis. Social disagreements and upheavals are increasing, and international tensions threaten conflict.

The current and approaching astrology suggests ongoing clashes and increasing incidents of sudden, irreversible change — like fires, floods, pandemics — that will lead to a very different world than the one we live in now. So what do we do in the face of all this change? Is there anything we can do, any way we can shape what this new world we are heading into looks like?

I believe there is. I believe individuals, in changing themselves and their own lives, create changes in the underlying energetic structures of society and of the Earth itself, even if those individuals are not aware of that fact.

But the individuals who are aware, who consciously modulate and direct subtle energies through magic and spiritual practice, create exponentially more change on those levels. If you’re reading this, you are probably one of those individuals.

So how do we leverage our practices this month to help prepare ourselves, our families and our communities for inevitable change, while working to direct the changes in creative and beneficial ways?

First, we look to our own lives, with an eye to planning for an uncertain future. This requires psychological as well as practical changes. We need to be aware and flexible. We need to face our fears and work through them so we plan instead of panic. Act instead of react. There is serious inner work to be done, as well as external changes to make.

This is a good month to start making those plans, to initiate the changes that need to be made.

Meditate on change, and the necessity of change. Remember that change requires letting go of some things, and welcoming the unknown.

Make lists, and plans, and do what needs to be done to shift the physical contours of your life.

Carefully consider what your core values are, because they are the foundation of any life.

Look at your current spiritual/magical practices — are they adequate and appropriate, or do they need to change too?

Next, we look to community, to the overlapping circles of communities that surround us. We look, too, for our human spiritual communities, as well as our spiritual allies and connections with the unseen. If we are to create a new world that is worth living in, we need each other.

This means we need to stop reflexively throwing insults at each other or — assuming you are not an insult-thrower — encourage others to speak with civility. The current level of our social discourse is appalling. It has gone beyond confrontation to the hurling of (often kindergarten-level) verbal abuse at the slightest disagreement, and not just on social media.

If you are in community, there will always be disagreements. They can be respectful. Teach by your example. There are real opportunities for in-depth, transformative communications to occur this month, if we will take them and use them well.

And speaking of community, food will become more and more of an issue in the coming years. Climate change as well as supply chain upheavals and other social changes leave us with an uncertain food future. Community can bring food security — look to others who are working on this in your area and join forces with them in this month of the harvest to plan for next year.

(And if you’d like to know how the current astrology is affecting you personally so you can plan effectively, contact me and we’ll set up a consultation)

You don’t need to be a politician or a billionaire to have an influence on how these changes play out. You just need to take considered action towards changing yourself and your own life. Now is a good time to do that.

Keep Aristotle’s thoughts on achieving excellence in mind, and look for opportunities in the obstacles you are presented with. Make your plans, decide how best to execute them, and stay flexible enough to change them on the fly.

Blessings of the harvest season to you.


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