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“There was music in the cafes at night
And revolution in the air.” ~ Bob Dylan

There’s a challenging solar eclipse happening on February 26, and the chart for this one will be in effect for at least 6 months to a year. Revolution is in the air, and so are illusion, deception, inchoate fears — as well as enchantment, inspiration, and the highest and best reaches of spirituality and compassion.

The eclipse is in Pisces, joined there by Mercury and Neptune. Mercury is challenged to the utmost in Pisces. Mercury’s talent is gathering information, and communicating it, and its skills involve creating structures of reason. But when it is in Pisces, it’s immersed in the ocean of All That Is, and feeling a bit lost.

Mercury probably inspired the first sailor to build a boat and steer by the stars — a perfect example of using the reasoning mind to explore the vast unknown. If we want to work with this eclipse effectively, we need to make sure our own boats are in good shape and our compass points to the North Star, because we are in uncharted waters, and a fog is rolling in.

The best way to deal with this much Piscean energy is to make sure we stay focused on our spiritual connections, practices, and values. To do otherwise is to get lost in the fog of deceptive glamours, addictive behaviors, and self-deception.

Under this sky, our spiritual path may well lead us into the arts, both as artist and audience. Be open to invitations to create and appreciate art over the next few months, and let yourself be changed by it. Music and film are particularly Piscean/Neptunian arts, and you’ll probably find plenty of opportunities to enjoy both in the months to come. Be discriminating and aware of how the art you surround yourself with affects your emotional state.

Another issue to watch out for during this time is the very Piscean expression of martyrdom and victimization. Watch for behavior driven by unconscious, unassimilated guilt and low self-esteem, either in yourself or others. Actual victimhood is very different from an unhealthy expression of a psychological need, or a way of escaping responsibility.

Eclipses generally bring endings and new beginnings. One door closes, another opens. Particularly if you have planetary placements in 5 to 11 degrees of mutable signs, be aware of this possibility, usually in the area of your life indicated by that planet and its house placement. (If you don’t know enough about your chart to check that indicator, you might want to set up a consultation with me!)

There is another important planetary configuration in this chart — one that is explosive, risky, and revolutionary. (For the astrologers: a t-square of Mars is conjunct Uranus, oppose Jupiter, with all three square Pluto.) This aspect suggests fireworks and explosions (both real and metaphoric), and the sudden shifting of foundations on many levels — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. On a personal level, you may suddenly have to fight for your rights, or make sudden, important decisions, and take risks in the process.

You may find yourself questioning the authority of another over you, or find your own authority being questioned. Do not allow rage to overwhelm you — even the most easygoing people will find it easy to get riled up under this sky. If you have a temper, you’ll be challenged to keep it contained. When you need to make those sudden decisions, you’ll want to be in a calm and controlled frame of mind. Keep up with — or start —  your meditation practice. Transform anger into fuel for action.

Scandals are going to be popping up faster than the daffodils. Don’t gossip, but do pay attention to revealed truths about others that may affect you. As Maya Angelou said, when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. 

Do the inner work, because that is how you fully experience the immortal reality of your soul, and keep in mind that you are not here to live in fear. Fear of death and a feeling of powerlessness generate a fear of living fully, which makes us unwilling to take the kind of risks that lead to growth and fulfillment. This chart urges us to find courage in our connection to Spirit, to face our fears and release old patterns of behavior.

When the eclipse chart is cast for Washington, DC, it is predictive for the country. This chart has Taurus rising, which means that Venus, in Aries, rules the people of the country. And boy, we the people are pissed. At the government, at each other, at whoever we believe is restricting our freedom. And we will be taking action — probably sudden and surprising, possibly violent actions — to make our displeasure known. The courts will be kept quite busy, and the president will find himself embroiled in conflict. (No surprises there.)

As I noted above, scandals will be rife. Ventures having to do with oil will be volatile, and it’s likely that oil prices will be as well. Economic signals will be unclear, and foreign relations will (again, unsurprisingly) be a minefield.

As you navigate these next few months, it’s important to stay aware — both of your inner state and of the circumstances and people around you. Keep in mind that situations may change quickly, and even violently, and you may be called upon to make decisions in a heartbeat. You’ll also have opportunities to help others — and in doing so, heal your own heart.

Ask yourself what needs to change in your life, because winds are blowing that will carry you far — so you’ll need to be aware of where you want to end up, and check your compass frequently. But don’t get mired in anxiety — listen to the music of your soul and let it guide you to and through the revolution.

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