Initial consultation: This is a pre-requisite for any other astrological work, and includes:

  1. Identification of current primary issues and areas for healing
  2. Inquiry into reincarnational issues
  3. Appreciation of unique gifts, blessings and challenges
  4. Career options
  5. Astrological insights into your spiritual/magical path
  6. Overview of the year ahead
  7. Detailed look at the month ahead
  8. A recording of our consultation
  9. A copy of the chart

Fee: $297 (Yes, it’s essentially $300, but I like the numerology of 297 better, and you save 3 bucks. 🙂 )

Follow-up consultation: You can look at specific issues, or take a general look ahead for the year. This consultation will take about 45 minutes.
Fee: $125

Relationship analysis: Both charts are analyzed, and the discussion will center around the interaction of both people’s needs, areas of interest, relationship strengths, possible conflicts and other compatibility issues. Please note both partners must participate, and both must have already had a natal reading with me. Otherwise, please choose the “Follow-up Consultation” above, and we can focus on relationship issues.
Fee: $250 for established clients

Tarot Reading: By phone. The reading is 30 to 45 minutes and will be recorded for you.
Fee: $65

Choosing the best time: Do you need the best date for an event such as a wedding, or an important business transaction? A branch of astrology known as "electional" astrology allows an astrologer to "elect" (choose) a time that minimizes problems and strengthens your position in the matter.

Fee: Contact me to discuss options

Business planning: I have decades of business experience, primarily in small business and non-profits. I combine that with my astrological expertise to help entrepreneurs and business people make sound decisions for their businesses and careers
Fee: Contact me to discuss options

Planning for change: Are you seeking to make some changes in your life, or has life brought you some unexpected changes that you are trying to navigate? Astrology can help you clarify what is going on, and when the time is right for action. We’ll work together over a period of 3-6 months to initiate change, or get back on track after unexpected changes.
Fee: Contact me to discuss options

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