Chart ant Soul: Astrology for Yourself

Greetings, fellow stargazer!

Since you are reading this page, you probably have been interested in astrology for some time, and I'd bet that you are also drawn to spirituality in one form or another. So, let me ask you one important question:

Are you making the wise choices that support your spiritual growth and manifest your soul's dreams?

Your astrology chart holds the answers, and it helps you ask the right questions. I will teach you to decipher — and shift! — the patterns of your life through the deep symbolism and magic of your horoscope
Chose the right Path

Astrology Leads Us To Discover Our Own Answers To The “Big Questions”

path to the stars
If you've ever wondered whether you are living this life in alignment with your soul and with Spirit, if you've been looking for a way to expand your spiritual world, or if you just want to be able to have more insight and understanding into your life and your relationships with family and friends, learning the basics of astrology will bring you an entirely new set of tools for enriching your life and connecting with the realm of Spirit.

“Chart and Soul” Begins October 19th!

Throughout the class, we won't just look at the “how-to” of astrology, we'll look at the “why” and the “what can we do” to enhance, encourage or shift the karmic goals, strengths, skills and challenges inherent in our charts.

How The Class Works

In nine weeks of recorded online video lessons (released every Monday, watch them whenever you want), live question and answer calls and a live chart interpretation webinar, you'll get a solid foundation for further growth and deeper understanding of spiritual realities as you learn to read and interpret the information encoded in your own birth chart.
small sun image What Each Class Will Cover small sun image
  • What is the natal chart?
  • The Natural Zodiac, elements and modes
  • A journey through the signs
2 & 3
  • The planets: Meet the actors
  • The roles planets play in each sign
  • Planetary strengths and weaknesses
4 & 5
  • The houses: Staging our lives
  • Of rising signs and midheavens
  • Quadrants and house rulerships
  • The aspects: Planetary relationships
  • Major and minor relationships
  • Aspect patterns
7 & 8
  • Putting it all together: interpretation
  • Finding what’s really important
  • Decoding the messages from your soul
  • LIVE chart interpretation webinar
  • The class will choose the charts
  • Ask questions as we go along

You Also Get…

small sun image Three LIVE Q & A calls small sun image
It's really hard to learn any subject without being able to ask questions of someone who knows it well. So we'll have 3 live calls where you can bring your questions to be answered — and if the time isn't convenient for you, you can email your question in advance, and I'll answer it on the call.
Listening to other people's questions will also help you learn. I'll go into more depth on some topics and help you make connections between all the information you are getting from the videos.
CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED so that everyone will be able to get their questions answered.
Yes, there will be a Facebook group, too! I will be participating actively in the group, and the group will stay open to you even after the class is over!
Facebook Group
small sun image Your own “Book of Astrology” small sun image
While there are lots of excellent books on astrology out there, I think that the best book you can have is the one you create for yourself. So there will be lots of handouts in this course, and they will be the foundation for your own personal “Book of Astrology”, a ring binder where you keep all the handouts, charts and your own notes and personal insights as you pursue your studies.You’ll also get my own bibliography of recommended books for beginners.


zodiac wheel
Lots of charts — including your own and the chart of one of your friends or family. I'll also be using many celebrity charts for illustration, and you'll get copies of these charts, as well.
small sun image Yes, There's a Guarantee small sun image
I know that “life happens”, things change, and sometimes we find we just aren’t as interested as we thought we were in a topic, or simply don’t have the time. So I give you a whole 30 days — almost half the class! — to decide if this class is for you. If it’s not, you get all your money back, plus you get to keep all the charts and handouts for the first half of the class. And while I’m always open to feedback, you’ll get your refund with no questions asked.
small sun image “And You Are…?” small sun image
Diotima Mantineia
I’m Diotima Mantineia, the Chief Stargazer at Urania’s Well Astrology.

And now you probably want to know a bit about me and why I’m teaching this course.
I remember I had a lot of burning adolescent questions in my mind one hot day back in the summer of 1968, when I ducked into the cool interior of Mason’s Bookshop in New York City. There, I discovered a whole new world as I explored the floor- to-ceiling shelves full of books on astrology and metaphysics. I’ve been a student ever since.
Over the years, those burning questions were answered, discarded, revived, refined and revisited under the guidance of celestial patterns. Astrology has become a spiritual touchstone for me. As a professional astrologer, I’ve learned to help others find the answers to their own questions and make more informed choices. Decades of study and reading charts means I can quickly perceive the main themes of a lifetime, and extract a chart’s deeper meanings and primary spiritual focus.
My first teacher, astrologer Zoltan Mason, told me that astrology was the study of a lifetime. He was right, and fortunately, he gave me a solid foundation to build on. After 40+ years of building my own understanding of astrology, I’d like to help you build yours.
I’m an experienced, professional astrologer, and I’ve helped many people improve their lives by giving them an understanding of the messages encoded in their birth chart. I offer my clients a level of mastery that can only be gained through years of study and experience. But it is also very clear to me that there are real gems of self-knowledge in a horoscope which can only be discerned by the person who is living that chart. The symbolic language of astrology offers profound insights to the dedicated seeker of deep psychological and spiritual wisdom. No astrologer, no other person, can do more than point you toward these gems — only you can fully experience the truths that ignite your soul. And that’s why I am teaching this course.
small sun image Grab Your Space! small sun image
I’m offering the course at an introductory price of $397.
SPACE IS LIMITED to 25 people, so I can be sure I’ll be able to respond to everyone’s questions on Facebook and on the live calls.
There is also a BONUS CALL for the first 10 people who register. (I’m an Aries — I like decisive people!) We’ll have a final call a week after the course ends, which gives you a chance to ask any questions that may have come up after the final chart intepretation class. So grab your space now!
You can pay through PayPal here

or send a check to:
Diotima Mantineia
P.O. Box 432
Hendersonville, NC 28791
If you have any questions, you can contact me here.
I look forward to introducing you to astrology!
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